Guess what?! This is my first week of grad school, eeeeek! It has been such a long journey to get where I am today and if you remember me studying for the GRE like a crazy woman, you feel me on this one. I am both nervous and excited to begin this new adventure, but I cannot wait to see what the next two years have in store for me. As requested, I will be posting a blog post about how to study for the GRE, tips for grad school applications, and other advice related to school so stay tuned for that! I also want to give you all a heads up and let you know that some weeks I may be posting significantly less pictures or may not even post any at all that week. Always know that I will be back as I have a passion for producing content and connecting with all of you. Just be patient with me through this transition as I will be working full time, going to grad school, taking care of a puppy, and attempting to have some sort of social life.

With that being said, I recently received this dress from Bella and Bloom Boutique and it is STUNNING! I love love love the color of the dress and all of the amazing details. The first detail I love is the amazing crochet top. The second detail I love is the open back, which completes the look of this dress. Finally, I love how flowy the dress is and how comfortable it is to wear. When I put this on, it made me wish I was on the beach in Malibu drinking rosé. I will definitely be wearing this maxi dress on my next vacation because it looks even better with a tan!

I also think this dress would be so so cute for maternity pictures since it is perfect for a bump or also engagement pictures because it is subtle, yet stunning. If you are interested in purchasing this dress, which by the way, it’s under $40, click here.

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week!



I feel like I haven’t posted anything on the blog for quite some time and I apologize for being MIA! This past weekend we went on the most amazing vacation to the Caribbean and I tried to stay off of social media, except to post one Instagram per day. With that being said, if you sent me a DM, emailed me, or commented on one of my pictures in the past week, I am getting back into the swing of things and will respond ASAP! Thank you all for being patient with me. I will be sharing all of the details of our trip very soon so stay tuned.

Today I am sharing the most fabulous maxi dress from Fashion Trend LA. This dress is the perfect maxi to wear as a wedding guest. I love the halter top and the braid detailing around the waist. The back of the dress is an open back with the braid across the back, which looks so cute on! I love how flattering this dress is and it is flowy, which is perfect for dancing (and won’t show a food baby if you eat too much). This dress pairs perfectly with wedges, sandals, or heels, it’s up to you and how you want to dress it up or down! I also love how fast the shipping was! I received my dress SO fast, which is perfect when you are in a time crunch for an event. I also know everyone worries about the quality of the fabric since it is such an affordable price. Well good news for you, the quality of this dress is amazing and is not see through. If you are interested in viewing more details or want to purchase this dress, click here!

Use the code: JONICA at checkout for 20% off of your entire order!

Shop the rest of my look here:

I hope you all love this dress as much as I do!



Happy Friday!!

As you can tell, I am in full on vacation mode lately. After studying for the entire month of March, I am counting down the days until I will be laying on the beach in the Caribbean. It is definitely vacation season and I know many of you will be traveling in the coming weeks and months. I always receive questions about what I pack and how I prepare for a big trip so I thought I would share all of my tips and tricks with you.

1. Luggage. The most obvious. You’ll need a good suitcase, especially if you are traveling far. All of the airlines, no matter who you fly, love to throw suitcases and they oftentimes break. This is why it is important to invest in a good suitcase or two before traveling. I love hard shell suitcases because I think they protect your clothing and travel items the best, I also think they are the most lightweight, which is nice when making flight connections, chasing a taxi, or hopping on a train. I also always pack a change of clothing, put my makeup bag, toiletry bag, and noise cancelling headphones in my carry on. I always pack a change of clothes, make up, and toiletry bag in my carry on in case my luggage gets lost during the trip. View and shop all of my favorite luggage, toiletry bags, luggage tags, and headphones below:

2. Swimwear. If you’re going somewhere warm or are just looking for new swimwear for summer, I have scouted out all of the newest swimwear trends for 2018. I love a flattering swimsuit and I know all of you do too. There is nothing better than feeling confident in swimwear and I believe there is the perfect style and suit for every body type out there. I am personally loving one piece swimsuits, ruffled bikinis, and high-waisted bikinis this season. View and purchase all of my favorite swimwear below:

3. Sunscreen and Self-Tanner. In my family, sunscreen is THE most important item for vacation. Skin cancer runs in my family and my mom and grandpa have both had surgeries because of skin cancer so I am extra cautious when it comes to spending time in the sun. I always make sure I have sunscreen on and all of my foundations contain sunscreen. I am also a fan of self-tanner because it requires less time in the sun. I also love self-tanner because it helps create a base tan, which will make your swimsuits look more flattering. I also don’t like going on vacation with pale, winter skin. Shop my favorite sunscreens and self-tanners below:

4. Cover-ups. Whenever I go on tropical vacations, I basically live in a cover up and swimsuit, which makes cover ups my staple wardrobe piece during the vacation. I love having versatile cover-ups that match with multiple swimsuits so I can re-wear them, if needed. Shop my favorite cover-ups below:

5. Night out dresses and jumpsuits. Whether you are going to a luau, on a cruise, or a staycation, you will most likely need a cute outfit for dinners and going out. I am a sucker for a good jumpsuit and I think they are so comfy so I am not only sharing my favorite dresses, but I am also sharing my favorite jumpsuits as well. Shop my favorite dresses and jumpsuits below:

Tips & Tricks:

1. Always roll your clothing, it will save you room when packing.

2. Place your floppy hats and straw hats in your suitcase and pack clothes inside of the hats, then pack clothing around the hats. This will prevent them for getting crunched mid-flight.

3. Check the CDC Travel website for travel vaccine information and disease information within the area(s) you are traveling to. I also highly encourage you to check Travel Advisories before visiting new countries and enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before traveling abroad.

4. Make a list of everything you want to pack, including all of the little things, such as camera charges, sunglasses, etc. You will never remember everything when you are rushing to pack and leave the house in a timely manner.

5. Layout all of your outfits before packing them and plan your outfits for each day. This will prevent over packing and will allow you to be better organized while on vacation.



It’s finally spring and it is starting to feel like spring here in Flagstaff, AZ! I am so excited because the weather has been in the sixties this past week. It’s so hard to get in the spring mood when it is freezing cold and still snowing so I’m very thankful it’s warming up. I have been slowly changing my wardrobe by adding brighter pieces and incorporating more prints. I have received many requests to share my favorite spring dresses and most of you have been requesting to see affordable spring pieces. If you voted in my Instagram poll yesterday, I asked if you wanted this blog post to be about spring dresses or what to pack for vacation. Majority of you voted for spring dresses, but spoiler alert, I will be sharing what I pack for vacation next week so stay tuned!

All of the dresses I’m sharing are under $100 and are all so cute for spring! Whether you are looking for an Easter dress (yay for two day shipping), a dress for a bridal shower, a wedding guest dress, or just a dress to stroll around in, I have linked all the best options below! Simply click on the desired image, you will then be redirected to a separate page to shop the item(s).

Happy Spring and Happy almost Easter! I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating such a beautiful and meaningful holiday with your loved ones.



Just like many of you, I have a crazy busy schedule and oftentimes find it difficult to dedicate time to curling my hair. I don’t have a lot of hair and it isn’t very thick, but my hair does not curl easily, which adds time to my routine when I choose to curl my hair. Ever since I received my TYME Iron Pro, I cut the time I spend curling my hair in half! This hot tool is so easy to use and curls my hair so fast. Not only does the TYME Iron Pro curl my hair, it also straightens my hair. I love only having to carry around and pack one hot tool instead of bringing both my straightener and wand. I know many people are concerned about frying their hair with hot tools, but the TYME Iron Pro has five heat settings. Whether you have thick or thin hair, this hot tool works great on all hair types. The TYME Iron Pro also remembers your previous heat setting and will automatically go to that setting the next time you turn it on.

The TYME Iron Pro is easy to use once you get the hang of it, but it can be difficult to use at first. TYME offers a free 1-on-1 chat with a virtual hair stylist and it is so helpful to learn from a professional. My stylist taught me how to hold my TYME Iron Pro and have to achieve perfectly curled or straight hair. I also love beachy waves and my virtual stylist taught me how to use the TYME Iron Pro to achieve the perfect beachy look.

Along with my TYME Iron Pro, I also received a TYME Traveler Kit, which I absolutely love. The travel kit contains the PREGAME shampoo, SHOWOFF conditioner, UPSTAGED thermal protectant, SELFIETYME hairspray, and a clear travel pouch to hold all of my goodies. All of the travel products come in two ounce containers, which makes them the perfect travel size. I also love being able to put them in the clear pouch, throw them in my carry on, and pull them out of my bag if I need them on the go. The travel sizes are also great for trying out the TYME products, but not wanting to fully invest in them.

I am so excited to get better at using my TYME Iron Pro and try more hairstyles with it. If you have been looking for a new curling iron/wand or straightener, I highly recommend checking out the TYME Iron Pro. If you are interested in reading more about the TYME products or want to purchase the TYME Iron Pro, click here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!