Stripes for Spring

Happy Saturday!!

It’s the weekend, yay! This weekend will be full of catching up and more spring cleaning. I have so many little things that need to be taken care of, but I have been so busy, I have just been putting them off to the side. I also need to do a major spring cleaning and give away a bunch of clothes and stuff I have accumulated with no purpose. I am trying to make a pact that whenever I buy something, I then have to give something away. That way I don’t have a closet full of clothing I never wear and can give clothing away to people who will wear it way more than me. I highly recommend donating clothes to the Salvation Army or directly giving your clothes to someone in need. That way they won’t have to pay for it and you know someone in need actually got the clothes. I am also putting my new spring bedding from Pottery Barn on my bed so I am very excited for that. As I am starting to “adult,” I’ve started to realize how the little things like switching my bed to spring colors and lighter comforters/quilts make me happy. A couple years ago, I could have cared less about those kinds of things! Anyways, today I am sharing a casual spring look. It is bright and full of pops of color, which is always my favorite. This outfit is perfect for vacation or just doing errands. Also, my favorite detail about this outfit is my shoes. These sandals are from Target and I’m seriously in love with them. They are so fun and have the cutest little details on them. They’re under $30 too, can’t beat that deal. You can shop this look at the end of this post by simply clicking on an image where you will then be redirected to another page. You can then purchase the desired item.

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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!



Why I’m Starting a Fitness Component

Happy Wednesday and happy first fitness post of my fitness component!

I am so excited to be starting this component and I can’t wait to share my fitness journey with all of you. I believe social media and being surrounded by others is a great way to hold ourselves accountable. Not only will this help others, this will be a way to help myself reach my goals and hold myself accountable. Today I will be sharing why I am starting this fitness component and I will also be sharing my experience with fitness throughout my life. I am such a firm believer that being healthy and feeling healthy really determines our happiness. When I am sick or I am in an unhealthy state, it affects my happiness and how I feel about myself. It is so important to feel healthy and live a healthy life, not for anyone else, but for ourselves. We only have one life and it is important to take care of our bodies one day at a time.

Like most girls, I have always had body image issues and it has impacted the way I view myself. I have always compared myself to others and thought “wow, she’s so much skinner than I am, I need to be more like her.” What an unhealthy way to live, right? I used to go to the gym and tell myself to work harder so I can look better than other girls and be skinner than other girls. How silly! Like I said before, we shouldn’t work out for anyone other than ourselves. We should push ourselves to be better than we were yesterday and compete with the person we were yesterday. With having a different mindset, I have vowed to not compare myself with others anymore and only compare myself to where I was before and where I am now.

I have always been a huge workout and sports fanatic. I played every sport during my elementary school days and then played competitive soccer in high school, which then led me to playing in college. Unfortunately, I had a series of injuries that ended my soccer career and my final injury sent me into a weird funk. Once I found out my soccer career was over, I stopped working out as often and didn’t see the point in working out if I wasn’t going to play soccer. I slowly stopped eating healthy and started eating unhealthy. Then I turned 21 and began drinking regularly with friends and eating “drunk food” aka junk food every time we’d go out. That quickly added the pounds and while I wasn’t working out, I gained weight.

Since then, I have tried many different diets and work out plans. My most successful work out plan was when I did Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. I saw amazing results after 11 weeks then went on a cruise for a week, came back and never started again. I have started the guides over and over again many times, but usually do not make it past week 4 due to not making time in my busy schedule. I also saw results while doing the 21 Day Fix by Beachbody. I just never made the nutrition portion a priority and the weight came right back after the three weeks ended.

Now that I have tried and failed some great programs, I am dedicated to working out daily and eating healthy every single day. I need to make my health a priority again and make healthy eating and working out a lifestyle, not a diet plan. I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you and I appreciate all of the positive support I have received about adding a fitness component. I will be sharing tips, tricks, recipes, work outs, goals, and my honest successes/failures. Time to get moving and stay motivated!

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Stay tuned for next weeks Fitness Wednesday where I’ll be explaining my new workout and eating plans!

RIP my love for Taco Bell 🙁



Bridal Shower in LA

Happy Tuesday, loves!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the spring weather! It was in the seventies over the weekend in LA and I was one happy girl. I grabbed a cardigan for my flight since I always get cold on planes and it came off within five minutes of landing since it was so warm out. As soon as I landed, we were in full bridal shower set-up mode. We started running errands and dove right into planning the event. We spent all day cleaning, running errands, baking, and setting up for the bridal shower, we ended up going to be around 2 am. Saturday morning came in the blink of an eye (literally) since we still had so much prepping to do. Everything turned out beautifully and all of our hard work definitely paid off. I am so excited to share all of the pictures and details from the bridal shower with you today. It was elegant and had the perfect color scheme for spring. You can also shop my spring bridal shower look at the end of this post. Simply click on the image and you will be redirected to a page where you may purchase the desired item. I hope you enjoy!


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As you can see, we had SO much amazing food and the most beautiful desserts, I definitely won’t be having a cheat day this week after everything I ate over the weekend! The only food items we had made were the beautiful cupcakes and cakes. Not only were they gorgeous, they also tasted so good. Cheers to a successful bridal shower!



Spring is Blooming with JORD

Happy Saturday, everyone!!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend in the best possible way. I am so excited to be sharing my newest watch with you and I know you will all love it as much as I do! I am currently obsessed with my newest accessory, my JORD watch! JORD watches are made out of all natural wood, which is so unique for a watch, definitely one of the many reasons I love this watch. I have currently been pairing this watch with bright colors for spring and it matches so well with everything I have paired it with. Another reason why I absolutely love my JORD watch is that you can wear it as a casual accessory or dress it up for a fancy night out. It makes the perfect arm candy for all occasions. When you buy a JORD watch, you also receive an all-natural wood box to store your watch and it is beautiful. I currently keep my box on my dresser and it is such a cute decorative piece. Who would’ve thought a storage box could make a cute home décor item? I certainly didn’t until I received my JORD watch box! Not only can women buy these watches, they also make many different styles for men. The watches come in many different face colors and wood colors as well. I personally love my dark Zebrawood with the navy face because it matches everything I wear and is perfect for all seasons. JORD watches also make the perfect gift, whether you are shopping for a birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or you just want to treat yourself (which I always highly recommend)! I have provided the link to shop my exact watch and also provided the link to shop other JORD watches as well. I hope you find the perfect watch for you!

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Feelin’ Beachy

Happy Thursday, It’s almost the weekend!

Tomorrow I am leaving to go back to LA for a bridal shower and I am so excited! We set up for it last week while I was in LA and it is going to be the cutest bridal shower. All of the decorations are pastel colors and are so perfect for Spring. I seriously cannot wait to share all of the pictures with you next week! Today I will be sharing my recent beach day in Malibu. We were in Studio City, where it was 90 degrees that day and thought it would be the perfect day to go to the beach since it was so warm out. Boy were we wrong. We got there and it was 55 degrees and there was a thick marine layer just hovering over the beach. It was windy and cold and just put a huge damper on our day. We went to Malibu Seafood instead, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Malibu now. It’s a little shack where you sit outside with the ocean view and just hang out and relax. Nothing fancy, but they have AMAZING seafood. I always get the fish and chips and it is so good every single time. Since I was cold this time, I also tried their clam chowder and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Anyways, after our lunch, the sun came out a little bit so we went down to the beach to take some pictures. While we were goofing around, the sun came out a little more and we ended up having such a great time. I even put my feet in the water and yes, it was freezing. I am so happy we ended up going since I don’t get to the beach too often (thanks, Arizona), even if it was freezing. We didn’t stay too long, but we had fun taking pictures and running around and that was enough to make a great day for me! You can shop my beach look and accessories at the end of this post. Simply click on the desired item and you will be redirected to a page where you can purchase the item. I hope you enjoy!

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