Denim on Denim

Happy Tuesday!

I am currently suffering from post-vacation sadness. I am back on the work and school grind and I have a huge work load piled up from taking the week off. I have some new and exciting things for the blog coming up in April so stay tuned! Today I will be sharing one of my favorite new looks for Spring. I am currently obsessed with denim, especially denim jackets. I found the one I am wearing for $35 at Gap and I love it! It was 50% off and I couldn’t decide between the lighter or darker denim, but ended up getting the darker one. I’m also wearing earrings from Baublebar and I am in love with them. They were 40% off during the Nordstrom Winter Sale and I am definitely breaking them in this Spring. They add the perfect pop of color to every outfit, especially for tropical vacations. I am also wearing a top I found at Marshalls for under $20. I love having cute white tank tops that match with everything and this one definitely does the job. Finally, I paired this outfit with a pastel pink Kate Spade crossbody bag and peep toe wedges from Target, both accessories are perfect for Spring. I will be providing links to shop this look at the end of this post. Simply click on the desired product and you will be redirected to a page where you can shop the item. I hope you enjoy!


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Pottery Barn Outlet Finds

It’s Thursday and almost the weekend, cheers to that!

I have been on vacation this past week so I can’t really say I am excited for the weekend for once in my life because it means I have to go back to work. I just want to stay on the beach for a solid month with no responsibilities, but at least I got a little time off so I can’t complain! As promised, I will be sharing my recent finds at the Pottery Barn Outlet at Tejon Outlets. They had an amazing inventory and great prices! Almost everything I purchased was on sale and who doesn’t love that?! I am looking to purchase my first home in the near future so I am stocking up on home decor and household necessities. I will be linking everything I bought for you to shop. Simply click on the desired item and you will be redirected to another page where you may purchase the item. I hope you all enjoy seeing what I got as much as I did purchasing it!

I got the cutest bath mats for my bathrooms! I love the color combos on all of their rugs right now. They had matching towels, wash cloths, hand towels, etc. but I just bought the mats since I recently bought a new towel collection last time I was at the PB Outlet. I think having a statement bath mat makes any bathroom just pop. I love the added color, especially with a white or cream painted bathroom. Shop these bath mats here:

Here are the napkins, dish towels, and runner I bought while I was there. I needed cute napkins for Spring and the ones in the top left are so perfect for the season. I found them in the clearance section too so that’s a plus. I actually found everything in this picture in the clearance section and was very excited because I really needed cloth napkins and a new table runner. I love the yellow table runner on the far left, it is so perfect for Easter, I can’t wait to use it! I was also so excited to find the heart napkins leftover from Valentine’s Day. I didn’t do much decorating for Valentine’s Day this year so I bought these napkins and towels in hopes of forcing myself to decorate more next year. Finally, I found the beige towels with the red stripes down the side and they are perfect for all seasons. They are neutral with a little pop of color, which will match with many different seasons and house decor items. Shop these items below, I also added some cute Easter/Spring napkins. I wish I saw them while I was there, but I will definitely be ordering them!


I decided to buy new bedding for Spring and Summer. I wanted some patterns to brighten up my room and lighter sheets to sleep in during the warmer months. Pottery Barn has the softest and comfiest sheets, I seriously love them. I also bought new shams and a new duvet cover to match my shams and brighten up the room. The shams on the bottom right will match my white quilt perfectly so I bought these for fun to add some color to my room. Finally, I bought a new beige bed skirt, which will match all of my bedding throughout the year. I always love changing up my room with fun patterns and colors, especially during Spring and Summer. I couldn’t find these patterns online since they are most likely exclusive to the outlet, but I have linked some of my favorite Pottery Barn bedding below:

I also bought this fur blanket for the couch or the end of my bed and it is so soft, I’m obsessed with it. I cannot wait to cuddle with it during Fall and Winter, it looks so warm. I also bought two of these fake flower arrangements for my kitchen table. They will add the perfect touch to the room and brighten it up as well. I love having fresh flowers in my kitchen so now I won’t have to buy any since these will always be fresh! Haha. I did not find these wine glasses at Pottery Barn, I actually just got these as a gift from my boyfriend’s mom and they are from Disneyland. I just thought they would add the perfect touch to this look so I thought I would through them in and share them with you! Aren’t they the cutest? Shop these items below:

I bought this cute red tray, heart vase, and these cute snack bowls. I found all of these items in the clearance section and thought they were fun to have around the house. I love the red tray for summer and Valentine’s day. Its perfect for indoor or outdoor living, with fruit or snacks. I love the heart vase, also leftover from Valentine’s Day so I had to snag one. The double snack bowls are perfect for entertaining in a game room or on a coffee table. Shop these items here:

Last but not least, I got the cutest nightstands. I am seriously obsessed with the color and style of them. I have had one glass outdoor table next to my bed and it looks horrible so it is time for a much needed upgrade. How cute are these though?! I can’t wait to see what they look like in my room, especially after I decorate everything. I will be sharing updates on all of the decorating I do in the near future, stay tuned! Shop these nightstands here:

I had so much fun shopping for and sharing everything I bought. I hope you all found home decor ideas for your own homes and can use some of these prints to brighten up for Spring!

My Day at Disneyland

Happy Tuesday!!

Sorry I have been MIA lately, this past week has been so crazy. I had a job interview on Thursday and I’m still waiting to hear back if I got the job (I’ll keep you all updated)! Right after the interview, my mom, boyfriend, and I drove to LA for vacay! Friday morning, we left for Disneyland first thing in the morning and stayed until the fireworks ended. If you only go for Disneyland, you have to stay for at least twelve hours or you’re not getting the full experience, am I right?! Needless to say, I woke up with sore feet and great memories, which is the best way to wake up after a day at the Happiest Place on Earth. I thought I would share my day with all of you and share my favorite parts of Disneyland, since I’m a huge fan. I mean I love everything about Disneyland, but I do have some favorite parts of the park the most. Shop this look at the end of this post. Simply click on the desired item and you will be redirected to purchase the item on a separate page.


The castle is my all time favorite part of Disneyland. Every time I walk into the park, I immediately look for the castle down Main Street because it gives me that instant magical feeling. I remember staring up at it as a little girl and wishing I could live in the castle with all of the princesses and I still feel the same way now! I love the pink and blue colors with the bridge over the moat, such a beautiful site, and it never gets old.This is the best place to take a picture because it’s the least crowded spot in front of the castle, you never get other people photo bombing the picture, and you can see the full castle, bridge, and moat. Just a quick tip for the next time you go, this is the place to be!


The sword in the stone is my second favorite spot at Disneyland. It’s so underrated, yet so cool! I love how they put this detail within the park. Right behind the sword in the stone is the back of the castle so it’s another perfect place to take pictures. The carousel is also on the other side of the sword in the stone which is also a cute background for pictures. Fantasyland has always been my favorite land in Disneyland because it has all of the classic movie rides and all of the characters. I used to get so excited when I would go on all of the rides in Fantasyland and now I love going here as I am reminded of my younger days.


Churros, churros, churros. If you don’t get at least one churro at Disneyland, did you even really go? But seriously, they are THE best. I have never had a better churro than the churros at Disneyland. I can’t go to the park without getting one. I will sacrifice any diet and any shot at having a beach body for a churro! Haha. If you haven’t had one yet, you must get one during your next visit, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Gotta love the teacups, even though I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them before and during the ride and hate them right after the ride, since I get a little sick after spinning so fast. Disneyland decorated the teacup ride perfectly and it is the absolute cutest ride in the park. I have always loved this ride, especially the pink teacups. Riding the Mad Tea Party is best at night because the lights illuminate all of the teacups.


Last but not least, the fireworks. Disneyland does the best fireworks and they never get old. I love how they do the story line along with the fireworks to make it the ultimate show. The projectors and colors all tie in the fireworks and story together. I also love how they always change up the show so you aren’t seeing the same show every time, all throughout the year. The firework shows during Christmas time are the absolute best since the castle is decorated and has icicles hanging from it, making it even more magical.

If you can’t tell already, I’m a huge Disney fan and always will be. I have always loved going with my family as a little girl and can’t wait to go with my future family. Disneyland is one of those places I will always enjoy and it will never get old. It truly is the Happiest Place on Earth.

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My Makeup Routine

Happy Tuesday!!

It’s back to another work week and another countdown until the weekend. Monday was such a crazy busy day at work, I’m already exhausted. Thankfully, this weekend is a short one since I’m leaving for vacation on Thursday, yippee! I’ll be sharing where I’m going during my blog post on Thursday. Since I have been getting so many questions about the makeup I use, I thought it would be fitting to do a blog post all about my current makeup routine. Almost everything I use is from Urban Decay, of course, because it’s the best. I LOVE Urban Decay’s products and I can’t wait to share all of my favorite products with you today. You can also shop my makeup through the links I have provided. Simply click on the image, then click on the desired product, and you will be redirected to the appropriate site to shop the item. I hope you all enjoy!

Before I put on any makeup, I always cleanse my face Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser and Vichy moisturizer. Both keep my face so soft and hydrated, especially during winter, which is when my cheeks get very dry and red. Neither of these products make my skin oily or promote break outs, which is why I love them so much. Shop these products here:


After cleansing and moisturizing, I use the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer. This is my all time favorite primer, it makes my make up stay on all day and night. It is perfect for people with oily skin, like me, because it helps keep oil to a minimum and makes your makeup/face look so fresh. This is the ultimate pore perfecting primer and I highly highly recommend it! Shop this product here:


Next, I use Urban Decay’s Naked Skin liquid makeup in color shade 4.0. This is honestly the first liquid makeup I have purchased and actually loved. I have used many other brands and they have all been thick and made my face oily after an hour of wearing it. This liquid makeup is so light and also helps keep my face less oily. I also love how easy it is to blend this makeup with my skin color and it doesn’t leave a line near my neck or chin. Purchase this product here:

Next I use Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder in the color Naked Medium Dark. This powder is so lightweight and using a little bit of this powder provides full coverage. When I’m feeling lazy and don’t feel like putting on a full face of makeup, I use this powder and it looks like I’m wearing foundation and powder. The only downside of this product is there is no SPF coverage in the powder, which I love having since skin cancer runs in my family. I also love knowing my face is protected from my makeup, even when I’m not wearing any sunscreen. Shop this product here:

Next, I use Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I love this eyeshadow primer because it makes my eyeshadow look vibrant and stand out. When I don’t use it, my eyeshadow looks dull and it is hard to see. I also love this primer because it doesn’t burn my eyelids and lasts all day and night. I also love Urban Decay’s eyeshadows. I have many different colors, but the color midnight cowboy is my all time favorite. This color is so natural looking and pairs well with all of my outfits. It’s perfect for a night out or just a casual day running errands. Shop this product here:

Finally, I finish off my makeup routine with Urban Decay’s all nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I always use this spray to keep all of my makeup in place. This spray also helps keep my face less oily and prevents sweat from ruining my makeup while I’m out at night. This spray is also paraben free and contains no harmful chemicals that damage your skin and who doesn’t love that?! Purchase this product here:

I thought I would also mention a few other products I use during my daily/nightly makeup routine. My favorite bronzer is the Sweetheart Bronzer from Too Faced. I buy the Baked Luminous Glow color and I absolutely love it. It isn’t too overwhelming and doesn’t make my skin orange, which is always a good thing. I also use the Tartlette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette by Tarte. This palette has the best natural colors and also has the perfect shades to create a stunning smoky eye look. Last but not least, I highly recommend buying a beauty blender. I buy mine at Sephora or Ulta and they’re not very expensive, but are so useful! I’ve always been so bad at blending my makeup, until I bought a beauty blender.

I hope this post answered your questions and helped you find the makeup you’re looking for!





My 4 Favorite Yoga Pants

Happy Saturday!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days and it’s finally starting to feel like spring, yay! Since it has been so nice out, I’ve been taking advantage of the warm weather by hiking, eating meals in the backyard, and laying out. I don’t know about you, but warm weather makes me one happy girl. I’m so excited to get my tan back after a long six months of being as pale as a ghost, yikes. Today I will be sharing four of my all time favorite yoga pants. Since it is still a little chilly out, I thought I would share yoga pant ideas and light long-sleeved tops. All of the yoga pants I will be sharing are so comfy and are perfect for hiking, walking, running, yoga, and the gym. I wear all four of these year round and pair them with tank tops during summer and sweatshirts/jackets during winter. Some highlights of this post: in the first picture, these cute retro sunglasses are only $12 and they are amazing quality. The pink yoga pants are reversible and have a maroon side, which I also love. The pink side is perfect for Spring and Summer and the maroon side is perfect for Fall and Winter. The navy leggings are from Alo Yoga and they are the cutest/comfiest moto leggings I own, they also come in a bunch of different colors. I was skeptical about buying them for comfort because they are so cute and have the perfect mesh details, but believe me, they are so comfortable. Finally, the purple zip up jacket is lightweight and pairs well with every gym outfit or casual outfit. I wear it all of the time while running errands or on my way to the gym. It’s the prettiest shade of purple and I’m obsessed with it. I also got an Apple Watch as a gift and it’s on my wrist 24/7. I didn’t even necessarily want one, but now that I have one, I never take it off. I love it because it tells me to stand up and move around when I’ve been sitting for too long and helps me track my fitness so easily, it’s definitely worth the investment. I have provided links to shop all of the outfits, just click on the picture and you will be redirected to shop the item. I hope you all enjoy!



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