Personalized Birthday Gifts from Greetabl

My best friend and I have always gifted each other with very personalized gifts, even when we have lived across the world from one another. Growing up, we always made each other cards with pictures of one another, scrap books, picture frames with letters, and videos. I absolutely love personalized gifts and Greetabl makes personalized gifting so easy and fun! I love all of the fun prints you can choose from, along with all of the gift choices. There are even bonus gifts you can include with your Greetabl.

To create your very own personalized Greetabl, you start by picking out the print you want for your card. I picked the cake print for my best friend’s birthday because we both love cake and the pink print was too cute to pass up.

You then choose the gift you want to add to your Greetabl, depending on who you are giving the card to. I chose the rosé gummies because we both love rosé and who doesn’t love gummies?! I absolutely love the Sugarfina gummies and chose to gift my bestie with the yummiest gummies.

The best part is, the gift comes inside of the Greetabl, which makes it such a fun surprise! The cards are very easy to open and the paper is stuck together with adhesive, but it does not tear the paper when you open it. I still have mine hanging on my bulletin board from Galentine’s day and I love looking at all of the pictures everyday. The gift is the perfect touch to the personalized gift.

Last but not least, when you open the Greetabl, you have the cutest personalized card. You are able to add three pictures from either your camera roll or Instagram. I chose three pictures from three of my favorite memories with my best friend and they are three memories that I will never forget. I wanted to put these pictures on the card because these memories mean so much to me and I know they mean so much to her as well.

If you are looking for the perfect go-to gift for birthdays, Greetabl has you covered. All you have to do is customize the print, gift, and message before Greetabl sends the gift straight to their front door. Use the code: sandytoesandsaltyhair at checkout for 15% off of your entire order. I hope you all love Greetabl as much as I do!



Summer Embroidery with Marley Lilly

Bright colors and fun prints make the world go ’round. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved pops of color and constantly wore bright colors in all of my outfits. When I saw this dress, and bag, I couldn’t help but fall in love. Both the bag and dress are part of the Marley Lilly Mexicali collection and I am a huge fan of the entire collection! I love the fun embroidered print along with the bright colors. The Mexicali collection is perfect for vacation or a weekend by the pool. If you recognize this dress, it might be from when I wore on our cruise last month. I wore it for the day in Puerto Rico and received SO many compliments. I know many of you fear wearing a white dress because it could potentially be see through, but this dress is not. It has a lining under the actual dress, which prevents it from being see through. I love how great the quality of the dress is, but it is still breathable and lightweight for hot summer days, especially if you live or are vacationing somewhere humid. I hope you all love this dress as much as I do!

Shop the look here:



Fresh Blooms and Liverpool Jeans

With the weather being as nice as it has been lately, it is hard not to want to spend every waking minute outdoors. I love the weather during the months of May and June, especially in Arizona because it is hot, but not miserably hot. I love spending all of my free time outdoors and have been going on more hikes, talking Ella on long walks, and doing my homework outside. Something about the warm weather just instantly makes my mood a million times better.

If you saw on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I shared my new favorite cut-off jeans and I am not joking, they are my new favorite jeans. These cut-off jeans from Liverpool Jeans are so versatile and perfect for all seasons. Not only do they match with everything I own, but they are also so so comfy. I also love the ripped knee look because it adds so much character to the jeans. For spring and summer, I usually always cuff my jeans to create more of a capri pant look, which these jeans are perfect for. I also love how I didn’t even have to break in these jeans, they came ready to wear and were comfortable the second I put them on.

If you are interested in purchasing my new favorite pair of jeans, you can purchase them here. Use the code: JONICA25 at checkout for 25% off of your entire order!

Have a great rest of your week!



Traveling in Style with Vionic Shoes

Summer is right around the corner and for some of us, that means more traveling! Traveling is one of my all time favorite hobbies and I wish my schedule allowed me to do more of it. During college, when I had minimal responsibilities, I was on the go 24/7. Now with working full time and going to school, I am limited to weekend getaways, which I also love! It is so nice to pack up and get away from all of the stress for the weekend and just have fun. For Memorial Day Weekend, we went to Sedona to see my family and we will be heading to Los Angeles this weekend to see Charlie’s family.

Today I wanted to share how I travel comfortably and fashionably. It can be so difficult to find clothing that is comfortable during long, international flights or long road trips. I always tend to stick to clothes that are cute, but aren’t tight because that is so uncomfortable while flying. I tend to never wear tight jeans, flip-flops, or restricting shirts. I know with summer around the corner, everyone asks why I don’t like wearing flip-flops while flying. First of all, it grosses me out and second of all, my feet always get cold while flying. I have already been on two road trips, two baseball games, and done many errands in the Vionic Shoes Hattie Sneakers and I am hooked! These sneakers are SO comfy and easy to pair with every outfit. I will definitely be traveling in these sneakers all summer long. I paired these sneakers with the most comfortable dress ever (it has a lot of wiggle room and is so flattering, oh and it’s also on sale), along with a denim jacket, and a large tote to keep all of my snacks and travel essentials in.

After wearing these shoes a bunch, I can honestly say i don’t own a more comfortable casual pair of sneakers. Not only are they comfy, but they were designed to support your feet and ankles, which is something I look for when purchasing shoes, especially after injuring my ankle so many times. The biomedical footbeds in each shoe promote stability, support, and balance. If you have had a difficult time finding comfortable, supportive shoes, these are definitely for you. It’s amazing that with all of the advanced technology and how cute they are, they are still such an affordable price.

Shop the look below:

I hope you all have a fabulous week!



Memorial Day Sales

Happy Friday!

I am looking forward to the long weekend and I’m sure you all are too. I will be spending the long weekend in Sedona with my family. We are planning on going golfing, relaxing by the pool, and having a BBQ. I have been trying to do all of my homework after work this week so I can take full advantage of the weekend.

I first want to take a minute to remember all of the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for and serving the great country of America. Without their sacrifice, we wouldn’t be living in such a beautiful and safe country. I hope you take the time this weekend, to remember our fallen soldiers as they paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

With Memorial Day comes a lot of sales! I am rounding up my favorite items from two of my favorite sales, the Nordstrom sale and the Loft sale. Both the Nordstrom and Loft sales are 40% off of select clothing. I wish I could share everything from both sites because I want it all! For the Loft sale, use the code: LONGWKND at checkout for the 40% discount. The Nordstrom sale does not require a code.

Below are my favorite picks from the Nordstrom sale:

Below are my picks for the Loft sale:

Happy shopping! I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.