About Me

My name is Jonica Wildes and I am originally from the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. I am twenty-two years old & I am currently majoring in Public Health and Biology. I am very passionate about healthcare & helping others, which is why I love my major. I love to travel, explore new places, & am always looking for a new adventure. I spend most of my spare time studying (but really), hiking, trying new coffee shops, & traveling as much as possible. I am a lover of my family, dogs, brunch, & champagne.

My Style

My style consists of mostly preppy attire. I also love yoga pants, big comfy sweaters, and baseball hats (only Red Sox hats though). I believe style represents your personality & who you are, which is why I love it so much.

Stay tuned for more posts, thanks for checking out my blog!

Xoxo Jonica

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